Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

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Vol 2 No 2 (2018)
Published July 20, 2018

Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (AJTES) is the official publication of the Albanian Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ASTES) that comes out two times a year. AJTES is an open access, peer reviewed journal that aims to promote interest, knowledge, and quality of care in emergency and trauma surgery. Under the editorship of Asc. Prof. Agron Dogjani MD, PhD, FACS  Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (AJTES)  provides an in-depth, national and international forum for the most authoritative information on major clinical problems in the fields of trauma and emergency surgery, surgical education, and not only...  Contributions are reviewed and selected by a group of distinguished surgeons from across Albania and worldwide as well who make up the Editorial Board. 

Original Articles

Astrit Mustafaj, Evisa Zhapa, Francesco Saverio Grossi
Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in Albania. Initial Experience in 25 Patients
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Kastriot Haxhirexha, Agron Dogjani, Lutfi Zylbeari, Ferizate Dika Haxhirexha
Misdiagnosed Appendicitis in Children
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Lutfi Zylbeari, Zamira Bexheti, Gazmend Zylbeari, Ferizate Dika Haxhirexha, Kastriot Haxhirexha
Frequency of Gastrointestinal Diseases in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Treated with Long Term Dialysis
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Ferizate Dika Haxhirexha, Agron Dogjani, Ledia Kaçi, Lutfi Zylbeari, Kastriot Haxhirexha
The Diagnostic Value of C-Reactive Protein and Total Leukocyte Count in Patients with Acute Abdominal Pain In Children.
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Fadil Gradica, L. Lisha, Dh. Argjiri, A. Cani, F. Kokici, F. S. Gradica, V. Rexha, D. Lala, D. Xhemalaj, Y. Vata, L. Shpataraku, A. Vyshka
Early and Late Outcome, Mortality and Major Morbidity After Lung Cancer Surgery for Primary Carcinoma
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Valon Zejnullahu, Rozalinda Isjanovska, Besnik Bicaj, Vjosa A. Zejnullahu, Astrit R. Hamza, Viktoria Caloska Ivanova
The Diagnostic Role of Hyperbilirubinemia in Complicated and Non -complicated Appendicitis.
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Lutfi Zylbeari, Kastriot Haxhirexha, Nasir Behxheti, Ferizate Dika Haxhirexha, Gazmend Zylbeari, Zamira Bexheti, Jetnire Jakupi Alimani, Sihana Lika Ahmeti, Arbnore Qalili, Hanife Lika
Apolipoprotein c-iii (apo-c3) Metabolism in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease Treated with Long Term Hemodialysis.
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