Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

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Vol 3 No 2 (2019)
Published July 20, 2019

Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (AJTES) is the official publication of the Albanian Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ASTES) that comes out two times a year. AJTES is an open access, peer reviewed journal that aims to promote interest, knowledge, and quality of care in emergency and trauma surgery. Under the editorship of Asc. Prof. Agron Dogjani MD, PhD, FACS, FISS,  Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (AJTES)  provides an in-depth, national and international forum for the most authoritative information on major clinical problems in the fields of trauma and emergency surgery, surgical education, and not only...  Contributions are reviewed and selected by a group of distinguished surgeons from across Albania and worldwide as well who make up the Editorial Board. 

Online ISSN: 2616-4922

Print ISSN: 2521-8778

Original Articles

Ridvan Alimehmeti, Gramoz Brace, Ermira Pajaj, Arba Cecia, Thoma Kalefi, Jetmira Kerxhaliu, Arben Rroji, Norik Bardhi, Arsen Seferi
Retrospective Study of Surgical Repair of Gunshot Injuries of Peripheral Nerves.
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Basri Lenjani, Premtim Rashiti, Ilaz Bunjaku, Arber Demiri, Gani Shabani, Dardan Lenjani
Polytrauma Management and Links to EMS.
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Kastriot Haxhirexha, Agron Dogjani, Lutfi Zylbehari, Nehat Baftiu, Ferizat Dika – Haxhirexha
Anastomotic Leak after Colorectal Surgery. Our Experience in three Years.
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Ferizat Dika – Haxhirexha, Violeta Shehu, Ledia Qatipi, Aulona Haxhirexha, Aferdita Ademi
Recurent Abdominal Pain and Intestinal Parasitosis. Our Results in a one Year Study.
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Salih Tosun, Oktay Yener, Ozgur Ekinci, Aman Gapbarov, Murat Asik, Tunc Eren, Orhan Alimoglu
Percutaneous Cholecystostomy as an Alternative to Cholecystectomy in High-Risk Patients with Acute Cholecystitis: Percutaneous Cholecystostomy for Acute Cholecystitis.
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Kenan Karavdić
Advantage of Early Tangential Necrectomy in Extensive Pediatric Burns: Burn Disease (Infection of Burns and Sepsis).
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Agron Dogjani, Kastriot Haxhirexha, Edvin Selmani, Hysni Bendo, Amarildo Blloshmi, Briselda Craga
Considerations and Evaluations on Abdominal Trauma in Pediatric Age.
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Nehat Bafti, R. Baftiu
Our Experience in Epidural Analgesia Following Large Abdominal Surgeries.
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