Posttraumatic Pleural Empiema (PtPE) and Multidetector CT (Mdct) Findings.
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posttraumatic pleural injuries
multidetector CT

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Demko, V., Mehmeti, E., & Bulku, B. (2019). Posttraumatic Pleural Empiema (PtPE) and Multidetector CT (Mdct) Findings. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 3(1).


Background: PTPE is a significant complication and te main cause for 2–10% of victims. MDCT is increasingly used. Our study is an analysis focused on the anatomy of pleura, principles behind fluid formation/reabsorption and imaging approach to assessing pleural effusion and PTPE under-CT evacuation.

Material and methods: The study is conducted on eight (8) patients with PTPE at University Hospital of Trauma, University Hospital– “Mother Theresa”, University Hospital “ Shefqet Ndroqi”  in Tirana, during the period, January 2015 – June 2018, by using a MDCT of 128 slice – 64 detector – dual source, SIEMENS, German machine.

Results and conclusions: The frequency of post-traumatic pleural injuries with presence of Hydrothorax is 75.6 % in total; second after that of Chest wall injuries (94.2 %). Among the variable forms are reported Hemothorax – 17.4 % and Pneumothorax – 7.3 %. Empyema is rare – 2 %. MDCT is the most sensitive, specific, and accurate imaging modality in the assessment of PTPE and management of patients:

  • demonstrates the significant disorder in patients with normal initial radiographs,
  • indicates changing of management in up to 20% of cases with abnormal initial radiographs,
  • assists several micro-invasive procedures in order to prevents development of empyema,
  • enables early prediction of respiratory compromise and limits the severe invasive interventions.
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