The Emergency Medical System in Albania
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National Emergency Medical Center

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Brataj, S., & Dogjani, A. (2019). The Emergency Medical System in Albania. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 3(1).


Territorial Emergency Service is part of NEMS. It belongs to the only telephone number 127 (112) and it is free of charge. It represents the guarantee of medical emergency service provided by law 147/2014 (For Emergency Medical Service) and with the Council of Ministers Decision (CMD) No.933 date 29.12.2014 on Approval of the Organizational Structure of the National Center of Medical Emergency, CMD. Nr. 250, date 30.3.2016 and aims to guarantee the response to emergencies and medical emergencies, from the moment of receiving the call until their resolution, throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania. This paper aims to give an introduction and to  analyse the emergency medical system's mission in Albania.
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