The Situation of Violence in the High Schools of Shkodra City.
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Shabani, Z., Shala, I., Kraja, J., Gjinaj, V., & Pjetri, E. (2019). The Situation of Violence in the High Schools of Shkodra City. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 3(1).


Any behavior or attitude that harms the physical, emotional, and sexual well-being of one or more persons and affects the termination of the individual's normal development is considered as violence. Violence at school includes behaviors such as: victimization of a child and teachers, raping of a child and / or a teacher, physical and psychological harassment, cyber threatening, controversies, bullism, physical and psychological harm, teachers and students sexual violence, using of weapons in school environments. The main violence forms at school are: teachers to students, students to teachers, students to students.

This is a punctual, transversal, cross-sectional study. 100 students at high school of Shkodra city participated in this study. The sample selection was randomized. Students of 14-18 years old; 63 females and 37 males were included in the study. The timeframe of the study was January – February  2018. The information was gathered from face to face interviews using standatized questionnaires: Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS) 2003, Core-Expanded Questions for the Violence and Unintentional Injury Module Violence (adapted). The information collected by the questionnaires was confident, self-report  and with permission of school. All data were calculated with Microsoft Office 2010.
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