About the Journal

The Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery is an open access journal that aims to promote interest, knowledge, and quality of care in emergency and trauma surgery. It's mission is to open an interdisciplinary forum that allows for the scientific exchange between basic and clinical science related to pathophysiology, diagnostics and treatment of traumatized patients. The journal covers all aspects of clinical management, operative treatment and related research of traumatic injuries.

Clinical and experimental papers on issues relevant for the improvement of trauma care are published. Reviews, original articles, perspectives, opinions, and commentaries allow the appropriate presentation of major and minor topics. 

The Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery invites articles not only from Albania but also from Europe and worldwide. The journal encourages scientific publications by national and international authors and applies a rigorous double blind peer-review system according to international standards. Each paper submitted is scrutinized by two or three referees and a biostatistical consultant. 

Online ISSN: 2616-4922

Print ISSN: 2521-8778