Early and Late Outcome, Mortality and Major Morbidity After Lung Cancer Surgery for Primary Carcinoma
AJTES Vol 2, No 2, July 2018
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lung cancer
thoracic surgery

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Gradica, F., Lisha, L., Argjiri, D., Cani, A., Kokici, F., Gradica, F. S., Rexha, V., Lala, D., Xhemalaj, D., Vata, Y., Shpataraku, L., & Vyshka, A. (2018). Early and Late Outcome, Mortality and Major Morbidity After Lung Cancer Surgery for Primary Carcinoma. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 2(2), 14-149. https://doi.org/10.32391/ajtes.v2i2.12


Background: Radical surgical resection of lung cancer with or without adjuvant treatment is still a prerequisitefor cure. Advances in operative and postoperative care led to a decline in complications and mortality rates during the last decades. In spite of different additional modes of treatment, survival is still poor.
The aim of study: To examine the operative mortality and morbidity after lung cancer surgery and to identify factors associated with an adverse outcome.
Material and methods: The study comprised 968 consecutive patients referred to University Hospital of Lung Disease, “Shefqet Ndroqi” Tirana, Albania, for lung carcinoma, during a 13-years period (January 2004-December 2017). All patients underwent routine laboratory examinations spirometry and preoperative CT- scan of the thorax and upper abdomen. PET-CT, EBUS–EUS, Mediastinotomy or Mediastinoscopy wasn’t performed as routine.
Results: Of 968 patients, 690 (70.5%) were male and 278 (28.7%) female. Mean age 65.5±9.4 years (range 15 - 87 years). Lobectomy was the most used surgical modality in 566 (58.5%) patients, meanwhile pneumonectomy was performed in 112 (11.6%) of patients. Minor complications during surgery occurred in 45 (11.7%) ofpatients. Continuous air leakage was the most complication after surgery in 25.3%, followed by lung atelectasis in 21.3% and cardiovascular complications in 17%.
Conclusion: our results show low mortality and morbidity after lung cancer surgery. However, patients with reduced lung capacity, older age and those undergoing pneumonectomy should be treated with great care.

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