Emergency Medical Care and Management of Sports Injuries on the Football Court
AJTES Vol 5, No 1, January 2021
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Lenjani, B., Rashiti, P., Shabani, G., Demiri, A., Pelaj, B., Demi, A., Sylaj, R., Voca Mulaj, E., & Lenjani, D. (2021). Emergency Medical Care and Management of Sports Injuries on the Football Court. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 5(1), 773-777. https://doi.org/10.32391/ajtes.v5i1.172


Introduction; Sports medicine is a clinical subspecialty that deals with the examination, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injuries that occur during sports events, training and physical activities in pre-hospital settings. Managing dramatic situations with minor and multiple injuries is a challenge that requires a quick approach to a dramatic event in managing minor and multiple injuries on the football field and in other sports in support of SHME at pre-hospital and hospital level.

Purpose of the paper. Providing emergency medical care at all basic stages of managing minor and multiple injuries on the football field and in other sports in order to implement BLS, ACLS, BTLS, PTLS, ATLS care measures reducing morbidity, disability, and mortality.

Material and methods. The research is of retrospective, descriptive, qualitative type. The material was taken from the archive of the Emergency Clinic of UCCK for the period January-December 2019. Only the sick or injured in sports matches were taken in the research; Age, gender, type of illness and injury and type of medical care, equipment available, and training and education.

Result. Sports injuries are very costly, and according to the pathology with diseases were 15 cases or 21.4 %, injuries were 55 cases or 78/6 %. Injured by age. The largest number of injured with injuries in the field of football sports the most affected age was the age of 21-25 years with 28 cases or 40.00%, over 25 years were 27 cases or 38.58% and with a smaller number were aged 15-20 years15 cases or 21.42%.

Discussion and conclusions. A very important factor in sports injuries is the provision of optimal medical care for footballers and other sports in head, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, and pelvis and limb injuries and with a joint communication with the cooperation of health care professionals in the selection of priority cases. Education of medical staff, nurses, paramedics with courses, use of medical equipment, BLS, ACLS, BTLS, PTLS, ATLS as well as standard procedures for providing and transporting medical care to the hospital.

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