The Complex Femoral injuries after Hippopotamus Bite.
AJTES Vol. 5, No 2, July 2021.
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animal attack, human, femoral fracture, hippopotamus bite

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Kovalenko, F., Vassiliu, P., Degiannis, K., & Doll, D. (2021). The Complex Femoral injuries after Hippopotamus Bite. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 5(2), 879-882.


Introduction. Attacks by large animals, which lead to a critical patient condition, have not been systematically and statistically analyzed in the previous literature. Some papers about animal attacks are case reports and address fatal cases. Hippopotamus bite injury is a major trauma associated with complications.

Case report. In 2018, an American woman celebrating her 37th birthday in Zimbabwe embarked on a river rafting trip. After the hippopotamus bite, the patient had extensive soft tissue injuries and a comminuted fracture of the right femur. It was undertaken extensive multiple wound debridement and the femur was nailed as the site of entrance of the nail was away from the soft tissue injuries.

Conclusion. Usually, hippopotami avoid contact with people. Similar to many wild animals, hippopotami can attack in anticipation of danger, especially when protecting their offspring. In the present case, the inflicted injury is severe and has a combined character.
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