Supralevator Abscess Complicated by Necrotic Fasciitis of Peritoneum, Genitalia, Anterior Abdominal Wall and Retroperitoneum.
AJTES Vol. 5; No 2 July 2021
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supralevator abscess
necrotizing fasciitis
Fournier's gangrene

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Hadzhieva, E., Chakarov, D., Moshekov, E., Hadzhiev, D., Kalchev, Y., Atliev, K., & Sakakushev, B. (2021). Supralevator Abscess Complicated by Necrotic Fasciitis of Peritoneum, Genitalia, Anterior Abdominal Wall and Retroperitoneum. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 5(2), 896-898.


A supralevator anorectal abscess may lead to a rare clinical complication, such as perineal necrotizing fasciitis. A 57-year-old man was admitted on an emergency basis with evidence of a deep anorectal abscess of 5-day duration. The clinical presentation involved an unbounded purulent destructive inflammation spreading onto the adjacent areas, with the development of a septic condition. Following a short preparation, a radical surgical debridement of a subfascial purulent necrotic phlegmon of the pelvic space was performed. Since the lower part of the abdomen, retroperitoneum and scrotum were involved, 4 additional subsequent necrectomies were performed at 48-hour intervals. The aggressive radical operative treatment and the combined intensive therapy were the main contributors to the favorable outcome of the disease.
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