Complications of laser Dermatologic Treatments
AJTES Vol. 5, No 2, July 2021.
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Laser treatment
burns after laser treatment
laser complications

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Filaj, V., Kola, E., & Kola, I. (2021). Complications of laser Dermatologic Treatments. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 5(2), 876-878.


Over the past three decades, the indications for the use of lasers have increased dramatically. Combined with the interest paid by the media, the volume of laser procedures has progressively increased, as has the number of complications arising from their use.

Knowing the principles behind laser surgery can help minimize the potential for complications; however, as with all surgical procedures, in addition to excellent surgical results, undesirable results are inevitable.

Laser technologies have evolved effectively these past decades with a broader spectrum of clinical applications accompanied by improved outcomes. Cutaneous lasers and lights are considered safe interventions with an associated rapid healing time. Post-treatment consequences are usually mild and spontaneously resolving, with erythema and edema lasting hours to days. More troublesome while less common adverse events include urticaria, erosions, blistering, infection, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, burns and delayed re-epithelialization [2]. We present some clinical cases with some serious adverse effects of the laser treatments in women and men. There are some treatment options on how to reduce the complications or manage them without long term sequelae, however the clinical experience of the laser operator and the accurate device used influences the safety and the outcomes of the treatment.
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