Role of Emergency Medical Services in pre-hospital Management of Road Accidents, appropriate on-site Actions.
AJTES Vol 6, No 1, January 2022
Bajrami et al


traffic accident
medical urgency

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Bajrami, I., Gjocaj, M., & Krasniqi, B. (2022). Role of Emergency Medical Services in pre-hospital Management of Road Accidents, appropriate on-site Actions. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 6(1), 955-959.


Introduction: Around 1.250000 people die each year due to traffic accidents. Traffic accident injuries are the leading cause of death in the most productive age group – 20-45 years old. 20 to 50 million people end up with injuries, disability because of traffic accident injuries.

Purpose of study: To identify the most common factors of traffic accidents. To compare the number of accidents and casualties at local, regional and global level. To evaluate the way traffic accidents are handled from urgent medicine services and the Emergency Medical Center (EMC) in particular.

To improve the quality of management traffic accident from medical teams.

Material and methods: data for this paper is extracted from EMC and archive protocols in different years, carrying out data analysis. We have cooperated with EMC of University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK), and Kosovo Police – Pristina regional unit. Retrospective method of research and afterwards descriptive and analytical method has been applied.

Results: According to Police statistics, the largest number of accidents in traffic in Kosovo.

The EMC in Pristina had 1024 traffic accident interventions in 2019 but 2020 the traffic accidents are lowest for 181 accidents, because we have the decrease in circulation as a result of the CIVID pandemic 19. The largest number was in August – 198 cases (15.4 %) while the lowest number was in May – 69 (5.4%). Of 604 cases of traffic accidents that have been analyzed, 212 or 35.1 % included persons of age group 16-25. Of the total number, 411 or 68.04 % were males and 193 or 31,9 % were females.

Conclusion: The main factor of traffic accidents remains human factor. Traffic accidents increase the incidence of death and disability in general population.

Enforcing Emergent Medical Services, promoting and educating the population, institutional cooperating, have positive impact in reducing the number of traffic accident, decreasing mortality and disability caused by traffic accidents.

Proposal of measures: organizing seminars in national level for young people in order to increase the awareness about dangers in traffic, educating children in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools…
Bajrami et al


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