Multiseptate Gallbladder. A Case Report.
AJTES Vol 6, No 1, January 2022
Zamira Shabani et al


Multiseptate gallbladder
abdominal ultrasound

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Shabani, Z., Berdica, L., Pllumi, A., & Shega, B. (2022). Multiseptate Gallbladder. A Case Report. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 6(1), 976-978.


Introduction. The multiseptate gallbladder is a rare congenital malformation of the gallbladder. Septate gallbladder is a rare congenital anomaly. It is anatomical malformations affecting its shape, size, number, and position.
Patients usually admit to the emergency department with differential symptoms such as right upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and abdominal complaints.
The aim of this case report is to present a case diagnosed with a multiseptated gallbladder.  
Case presentation. This case was diagnosed cause of the symptomatic clinic and with abdominal ultrasound such as multiseptated gallbladder without stones. The case underwent surgical intervention for cholecystectomy. After the surgical intervention, the material was sent for the histopathological diagnosis.
Conclusions. We recommend cholecystectomy in such cases due to possible complications in the future. In our case, we have evidence that the clinical story of patients is a determinant of the treatment.
Zamira Shabani et al


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