How we do it Emergency Department Thoracotomy for Penetrating Pulmonary Trauma.
AJTES Vol 6, No 1, January 2022
Elias Degiannis et al


pulmonary trauma, Emergency Department Thoracotomy
Penetrating trauma,

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Degiannis, E., Geldenhuis, A., Degiannis, K., Degiannis, J., Maak, M., & Doll, D. (2022). How we do it Emergency Department Thoracotomy for Penetrating Pulmonary Trauma. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 6(1), 1007-1009.



The manuscript specifically concentrates on patients with penetrating thoracic trauma, who having undergone Emergency Department Thoracotomy (EDT) have been diagnosed with injury to the lung. Its purpose is to describe a practical / heuristic approach, enabling the inexperienced in thoracic surgery doctor, to perform a successful EDT and if need arises, a definitive operation in the absence of a Cardiothoracic or appropriately trained Trauma Surgeon.
Elias Degiannis et al


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