Treatment Options for Incisional Hernias.
AJTES Vol 6, No 1, January 2022
Haxhirexha et al.


incisional hernias
prosthetic materials

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Haxhirexha, K., Dogjani, A., & Haxhirexha, F. D. (2022). Treatment Options for Incisional Hernias. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 6(1), 929-932.


Introduction: Despite the many ways and materials available to surgeons today, correction of incisional
hernias continues to be a real challenge for surgeons.
Aim of the study: To show our experience in the treatment of patients with incisional hernias.
Material and methods: subject of this study are 69 patients operated during the period May 2015 to May
2020 in the Clinical Hospital of Tetovo.
Results: Correction of the incisional hernia in 24 patients was performed by closing the defect without the
use of prosthetic materials (herniorrhaphy). In 38 patients, hernioplasty was performed using
polypropylene mesh, while in six of them the correction of the defect was performed through composite
dual mesh. The incidence of other complications such as operative wound infection, hematoma, seroma,
postoperative pain was lower in persons where the incisional hernia was corrected with composite dual
Conclusion: Correction of incisional hernias with the use of prosthetic materials marks a lower rate not
only of recurrence but also of other postoperative complications.
Haxhirexha et al.


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