Pleural Lipoma. A case Report.
AJTES Vol 6, No 2, July 2022
Gradica F et al - Pleural Lipoma. A case Report.



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Gradica, F., Xhemalaj, D., Muhameti, R., Cani, A., Lisha, L., Kokici, F., & Argjiri, D. (2022). Pleural Lipoma. A case Report. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 6(2), 1097-1099.


Lipomas are benign tumors from adipose tissue mostly found within the subcutaneous areas of the body such as the upper back, neck, and shoulder, and rarely encountered in the thoracic cavity.

Thoracic lipomas are usually located in the bronchial, pulmonary, or mediastinal areas. The finding of a lipoma in the parietal pleura intrathoracic has been sporadically reported in the literature [1].

Most patients remain asymptomatic and the lipomas are incidentally found in a chest radiograph or a computed tomography (CT) examination.

We present a case of pleural lipomas treated with surgery and the one-year follow-up revealed no changes. 

Conclusion: The majority of patients with pleural lipoma are asymptomatic, and their lesions are incidentally detected on radiograms Important considerations of identifying alarm features in a suspected liposarcoma and when to consider invasive biopsy and/or surgical intervention.
Gradica F et al - Pleural Lipoma. A case Report.


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