Post-traumatic Implant Surgical Rehabilitation of the Alveolar Ridge of the upper Jaw
Bizevski D et al.- Post-traumatic Implant Surgical Rehabilitation of the Alveolar Ridge of the upper Jaw.


Dental trauma
implant placement
Branemark protocol

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Bizevski, D., Jakupi - Alimani, J., Isak, M., & Bajramov, E. (2023). Post-traumatic Implant Surgical Rehabilitation of the Alveolar Ridge of the upper Jaw. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 7(1), 1205-1212.


Introduction; Dental trauma can be defined as an injuryto the oral region including the lips, teeth, periodontal tissues, tongue and/or alveolar processes.

The aims of management will depend on the age of the patient, type of tooth (primary or permanent) and the extent of the injuries. The treatment varies from preserving the tooth,extraction of the tooth and immediate implant placement. Immediate implantation is defined as placement of the implant into alveolus of the extracted teeth immediately after extraction.

Materials and methods; A 45-year-old patient, suffered teethand dental bridge fracture and injury during car accident.Immediate teeth extraction was performed and immediate implantation with bone ridge preservation was performed, to rehabilitate the lost teeth. Patient underwent successfully for prosthetic rehabilitation 8 months after these procedures.

Conclusion; Affected traumatized teeth often have areduced prognosis and, in some instances, may requireextraction. The majority of dental trauma is initially seenwithin a primary rather than secondary care setting. General dental practitioners should therefore be able to effectively manage the most common dental injuries, and to referthe complicated ones to oral surgeon. Dental implants are reliable to replace teeth lost because of traumatic dental injury. The timing of implant placement may be immediate,early, conventional, or late and is determined by the extent of the trauma, remaining growth, and conditions of the hardand soft tissues.
Bizevski D et al.- Post-traumatic Implant Surgical Rehabilitation of the Alveolar Ridge of the upper Jaw.


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