Periosteal Lipoma Compressing Peripheral Nerves
Dashi F. et al. - Periosteal Lipoma Compressing Peripheral Nerves


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Dashi, F., Qirinxhi, M., Muça, A., Cecia, A., Bardhi, N., Qirinxhi, D., & Alimehmeti, R. (2024). Periosteal Lipoma Compressing Peripheral Nerves. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 8(1), 1389-1396.


Introduction: Lipoma is a common benign, slow-growing soft tissue neoplasm. Periosteal lipomas of the proximal radius causing posterior interosseus nerve (PIN) palsy are the rarest. 

Due to specific anatomical relationships, proximal antebrachial lipomas can easily compress PIN. We present a case report and report on the related literature.

Material and Methods: A 55-year-old female was admitted complaining of a progressively growing lump in the anterior-lateral antebrachial region near the left elbow. The recent onset of weakness in finger extension was more evident during manual work. 

MRI showed a well-defined oval lesion in the dorsal aspect of the proximal radius bone with inter-muscular laying between m. supinator et extensor carpi radialis brevis of 7x5x3 cm in diameter. EMG study confirmed PIN compression syndrome.

An en-block extirpation was performed through extensor muscles. PIN and its muscular branches were well preserved. Histological examination confirmed lipoma. The postoperative course was uneventful, and a good recovery was seen within 12 days. 

We revised three other similar cases operated for the same Clinical diagnosis by our team. 

Pertinent literature was reported. 

Discussion: Periosteal radius lipoma related to compression of PIN has rarely been reported in the literature. We say our operative series and the surgical technique. MRI and EMG are the standard diagnostic methods. The intermuscular approach is safe for total tumor removal in experienced hands.

Conclusion: Periosteal lipoma compressing PIN is a rare clinical finding. Total removal may be obtained through an intermuscular approach. Intraoperative monitoring can assist in preserving tiny PIN branches
Dashi F. et al. - Periosteal Lipoma Compressing Peripheral Nerves


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