The Benefit of Open Rives-Stoppa Procedure in Complex Incisional Hernia.
Masati B. et al. - The Benefit of Open Rives-Stoppa Procedure in Complex Incisional Hernia


Incisional Hernia
Mesh polypropylene
abdominal wall surgery
Rives-Stoppa Procedure

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Masati, B., Haxhiu, A., Dhima, M., Punmira, T., Zikaj, G., Ibrahimi, A., & Dogjani, A. (2024). The Benefit of Open Rives-Stoppa Procedure in Complex Incisional Hernia. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 8(1), 1371-1376.


Introduction: Ventral hernia is one of the most common general surgical pathologies. An incisional hernia will develop in 10–15% of patients with an abdominal incision, and the risk increases to up to 23% in those who develop surgical site infections.

Ventral hernia repairs are mostly elective (90%) procedures, but the repair methods are highly variable.

Popularized in Europe by Rives and Stoppa, the retromuscular technique has proven to be very effective, with a 94.2% probability of having the lowest odds for recurrence and a 77.3% probability of having the lowest odds for SSI.

The study aimed to evaluate our experience at a secondary care center performing Rives-Stoppa repair for abdominal ventral and incisional hernias.

Materials and Methods: Between April 2019 and August 2021, 46 patients in the practice at a secondary regional hospital, Teni Konomi, Korce, Albania, underwent a Rives-Stoppa incisional hernia repair.

Results: There were 14 (31%) males and 32(69%) females (age range 31-75).

Most incisional hernias were midline xiphoid-pubic incision and supraumbilical, with several subcostals (2 right and 1 left) hernias.At the time of repair, most incisional hernias were symptomatic and evident on physical exam. In four cases, the hernia sac was incarcerated at the presentation time.

Conclusion: The Rives-Stoppa technique has excellent long-term results and low morbidity in patients with large primary or recurrent incisional hernias. It is the gold standard for most surgeons.

Keywords: Incisional Hernia, mesh, polypropylene, abdominal wall surgery, rectus muscle
Masati B. et al. - The Benefit of Open Rives-Stoppa Procedure in Complex Incisional Hernia


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