Time and Season Incidence of Complicated Colorectal Cancer
AJTES Vol 4; No 1; January 2020
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Complicated Colon Cancer (CCC)
Emergency General Surgery (EGS)
After Hours Surgery (AHS)
Weekend Effect (WE)

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I., I., V., U., P., U., L., P., A., S., & B., S. (2020). Time and Season Incidence of Complicated Colorectal Cancer. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 4(1), 501-512. https://doi.org/10.32391/ajtes.v4i1.76


Colorectal cancer complications are seldom analyzed for occurrence through day and night, working days and weekends, as well as throughout seasons. We hypothesized that information and analysis of high/low complicated colon cancer incidence in the above mentioned terms can improve our preparedness and manage better the resources for superior outcomes. Therefore we performed a retrospective study/2010 – 2018/ of 165 patients with complicated colorectal cancer operated on emergently or urgently in the Second Clinic of General and Thoracic Surgery, University Hospital St George, Plovdiv, Medical University Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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