Safety in Road Comunication and Role of Pre –Hospital Emergency Service
AJTES Vol 4; No 1; January 2020
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pre –Hospital Emergency Service
road accidents

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Bajrami, I. (2020). Safety in Road Comunication and Role of Pre –Hospital Emergency Service. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 4(1), 542-551.


Traffic accidents are leading cause of death in the most productive age group - 20-45 years of age. 20 - 50 milion people in the world are left with injuries and disability caused by traffic accidents.

Half of those who loose their life in traffic accidents are active participants - pedestrians, bicycle and motorcycle drivers. Unless preventive measure are taken, it is expected that by year 2030, traffic accidents with be the 7-th leading cause of death in the world. Large number of traffic accidents is caused by a variety of factors and the result is a relatively large number of victims left with disability and material loss. This number can be lowered with proper laws and practices.
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