Parent’s Experiences from the Treatment of their Children at the Physic Children’s Surgery Clinic in Skopje.
AJTES Vol 4; No 1; January 2020
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Trajchevska, M., Lleshi, A., Gjoshev, S., & Trajchevski, A. (2020). Parent’s Experiences from the Treatment of their Children at the Physic Children’s Surgery Clinic in Skopje. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 4(1), 564-588.


Background: The respect of the needs and wishes of the patients is in the focus of the human health system. The experience of the parents in terms of child’s health care may be used as an indicator of quality of the health care.

Material and methods: The research is a quantitative analytical cross-sectional study. In accordance with the inclusion and exclusion criteria, simple random sample of 207 parents / guardians is covered, whose children in the period of three months, had been hospitalized in the hospital department JZUU Pediatric Surgery Clinic in Skopje.It was used a two parted questionnaire. The first part is a standardized questionnaire (Parent Experience of Pediatric Care - PECP), and the second part concerns the general socio-demographic data of the parent/guardian. Statistical evaluation was performed using appropriate statistical programs (Statistics for Windows 7,0 and SPSS 17.0).

Results: In accordance with the age of the parents, the survey respondents were divided into two groups: a) age ≤ 33 years - 107 (51.69%) and b) age> 33 years - 100 (48.31%).Significant independent predictor of parental satisfaction from the receipt of their child to the clinic research confirms the age of the parent under / over 33 years due to 4.1% of the change in satisfaction (R2 = 0,041). Parents generally believe that their children's room of the clinic is "good", without significant difference between parental satisfaction from both age groups (Mann-Whitney U Test Z = -0,9613 p = 0,3364). Significant independent predictor of parental satisfaction from the room of their child improves the health status after treatment due to 6% of the change in satisfaction (R2 = 0,060). Parents generally believe that testing and treatment of their children in the clinic was "very good" and an independent significant predictor is to improve the health status after the treatment - 7,8% (R2 = 0,078).

Conclusions: Regardless of the generally good parental satisfaction about health care for their children, it is necessary to continuously monitor the status of the clinic in order to consider the possible deficiencies and needs of intervention.
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