Consideration of penetrating abdominal trauma, a retrospective study.
Abstract Book - ACTES 2017


Penetrating abdominal trauma
operative management
emergency laparotomy

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Dogjani, A., Jonuzi, E., Gradica, F., Osmanaj, S., & Petrela, E. (2017). Consideration of penetrating abdominal trauma, a retrospective study. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 1(1), 50-55.


Background; Nowadays penetrating trauma is increasing because of the growth of violence in our society. The penetrating injury (PI) constitute about 6% of the hospitalized cases and 10% of visits to the emergency department (ED), they are calculated to the second as the leading cause of death after motor vehicle accident (MVA) and occupied 20% of deaths related to injuries in the USA.[1]

Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the management results of patients with penetrating abdominal injuries.

Patients and methods; We have used a standardized data collection instrument, case records of all patients with penetrating trauma (PT) diagnosed between January 2015 and August 2017. All patients who had performed or not emergency laparotomy (EL) after sustaining Blast injuries (BI), Gunshot wounds (GSW), stab wounds (SW), Sharp tools wounds (STW) were included in our study.

Results; We have recorded 102 patients (Pt)[93(91%) male & 9(9%) female] with PAT in this study. Of 102 Pt, 47 (46%) were coming from Tirana, and 55 (54%) from another hospital. The mean age was 34.6 (10-80) years. The distribution of data based on mechanism of injury was; 2 (2%) of Pt was after BI, 34(33%) of Pt was after GSW, 55 (54%) of Pt was after SW, 11(11%) of Pt was after STW, were included in our study.

Conclusions; Management of PAT remains a serious issue in ED. The outcome of treatment is dependent on the mechanism of injury, age, presence of shock in admission, number of injuries organ, associations with extra-abdominal injuries…
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