Polytrauma – Definition & Management Aspects and Trauma Score?
Abstract Book - ACTES 2017
AJTES Vol 1; No 1; November 2017; Abstract Book - ACTES 2017


trauma management
trauma assessment

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Dogjani, A. (2018). Polytrauma – Definition & Management Aspects and Trauma Score?. Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 1(1), 9-10. https://doi.org/10.32391/ajtes.v1i1.154


Introduction: It is defined as "a clinical condition by the action of an external agent causing profound physio-metabolic changes involving several systems simultaneously with life-threatening consequences." In Germany, more than 20 000 people die each year The main cause of M & M & D in childhood and adolescence Responsible for 80% of adolescent deaths Responsible for 60% of child deaths 73% of them caused by AA in the age group of 25-34 years Causes large and social loss -the country's economy

Purpose; Discussion about polytrauma, principles, and their assessment at all levels; during the transport, in the Emergency Department, OR, ICU…Identifying the concepts of the Mortal triad, primary assessment, secondary evaluation ... and the primacy of concepts "Scoope and run" as the foundation of the concepts of ATLS... Examination of the pre-hospital management elements related to the time of the accident, the way of transport, transport time, etc ... the value of "Golden Hour" & "Platinum 10 minutes" as a key element in managing trauma.  Recognition of the pre-hospital and hospital trauma system, and their levels in the most appropriate trauma treatment. How are trauma teams structured? Types of vertical vs. horizontal trauma management, which would be most adapt to our conditions... How much do we know ABCDEFGH ... of the trauma, how, and how deeply we know them and is their implementation possible in the practical activity of any individual or institution ... where the traumatized patient gets the greatest benefit...

AJTES Vol 1; No 1; November 2017; Abstract Book - ACTES 2017
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