Vol 2 No 2 (2018): AJTES

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Original Articles

Astrit Mustafaj, Evisa Zhapa, Francesco Saverio Grossi
Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in Albania. Initial Experience in 25 Patients.
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Kastriot Haxhirexha, Agron Dogjani, Lutfi Zylbeari, Ferizat Dika - Haxhirexha
Misdiagnosed Appendicitis in Children
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Lutfi Zylbeari, Zamira Bexheti, Gazmend Zylbeari, Ferizat Dika - Haxhirexha, Kastriot Haxhirexha
Frequency of Gastrointestinal Diseases in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Treated with Long Term Dialysis
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Ferizat Dika - Haxhirexha, Agron Dogjani, Ledia Kaçi, Lutfi Zylbeari, Kastriot Haxhirexha
The Diagnostic Value of C-Reactive Protein and total Leukocyte Count in Patients with acute Abdominal Pain in Children.
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F. Gradica, L. Lisha, Dh. Argjiri, A. Cani, F. Kokiqi, F.S Gradica, V Rexha, D Lala, D. Xhemalaj, Y. Vata, L. Shpataraku, A. Vyshka
Early and late Outcome, Mortality and major Morbidity after Lung Cancer Surgery for Primary Carcinoma.
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Valon Zejnullahu, Rozalinda Isjanovska, Besnik Bicaj, Vjosa A. Zejnullahu, Astrit R. Hamza, Viktoria Caloska Ivanova
The Diagnostic Role of Hyperbilirubinemia in Complicated and non-complicated Appendicitis.
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Lutfi Zylbeari, Kastriot Haxhirexha, Nasir Behxheti, Ferizat Dika - Haxhirexha, Gazmend Zylbeari, Zamira Bexheti, Jetmire Jakupi Alimani, Sihana Lika Ahmeti, Arbnore Qalili, Hanife Lika
Apolipoprotein c-iii (apo-c3) Metabolism in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease Treated with Long Term Hemodialysis.
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Case Reports

Astrit Mustafa, Evisa Zhapa, Francesco Saverio Grossi
Sachse Laser in post-trauma urethral stricture. A valid alternative before urethroplasty.
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Phillip Linholm, Patrick E. Young, Walter Reed
Identifying and Treating Ascending Cholangitis. A case report and review of literature.
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Leart Berdica, Teona Bushati, Alfred Aga, Erisa Kola, Rustem Celami, Agron Dogjani
Sebaceous carcinoma in situ as a diagnostic entity. Case report and review of the literature.
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Skender Veliu, Jasmina Kröpfl, Dominika Vrbnjak
CELLUTOME™ Epidermal Harvesting System.
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Alfred Ibrahimi, Saimir Kuci, Ervin Bejko, Stavri Llazo, Jonela Burimi, Esmerilda Bulku, Edvin Prifti, Andi Kacani
Management Strategy of Hyperthermic State in Critically ill Patient.
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