Vol 4 No 2.4 (2020): AJTES Supplement 4, Abstracts Book - ACTES 2020
AJTES Supplement 4, Abstracts Book - ACTES 2020

The spread of the Corona virus, first identified in China in December 2019, spread to Europe and was recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11th. Measures to achieve social distancing have been implemented in different periods and rates of time around the World. The traumatic and non-traumatic emergency patient needs timely and competent care throughout the treatment chain, relying on broad-based competence, multidisciplinary teamwork and communication. In a medical field that is moving towards increasing subspecialization, it is easy to see how the quality of care of these groups of patients can be improved ACTES throughout its topic focuses on these important groups of patients, patients with critical illness and surgical impairment, during the development of ACTES as an online event will try to bring together groups of health professionals to improve, optimize, inspire, and to provide the opportunity for networking and learning from each other. While of course there is a major focus on managing Covid-19 patients at the moment and for a longer period thereafter, the greatest impact on mortality and morbidity is likely to be in those patients who may not have access to care specialized due to lack of resources or due to less attention. We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we as traumatic and non-traumatic emergency surgeons have a duty to ensure the sick and seriously injured during this period as well.

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Agron Dogjani, Arben Gjata, Xheladin Dra├žini, Etmont Celiku, Ilir Alimehmeti, Arben Beqiri, Andri Sherehii, Kastriot Haxhirexha, Adham Darweesh, Alfred Ibrahimi, Artur Xhumari, Ridvan Alimehmeti, Basri Lenjani, Nuhi Arslani, Monika Belba, Sokol Xhepa, Francesk Mulita, Skender Veliu, Fadil Gradica, Faton T Hoxha, Majlinda Naco, Fatmir Caushi, Merita Rroji, Gezim Galiqi, Dritan Cobani, Vrenos Hodaj, Edvin Selmani, Saimir Kuci, Ervin Nepravishta, Imri Vishi, Isuf Bajrami, Marsida Krasniqi, Petraq Mustaqe, Silvana Leka, Suela Mumajesi, Zamir Demiraj, Artan Bano, Ilda Taka, Elona Hasalla, Elona Dybeli, Erjona Zogaj, Erisa Mane, Anxhela Ahmataj, Hysni Bendo, Amarildo Blloshmi
The 4th Albanian Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery: ACTES 2020 - Abstracts Book
ACTES 2020 - Abstracts Book
Agron Dogjani, Arben Gjata, Kastriot Haxhirexha, Sindi Shandro, Seimir Laqja
Politrauma, Challenges in Management
ACTES 2020 - Abstracts Book


Agron Dogjani, Arben Gjata, Kastriot Haxhirexha, Amarildo Blloshmi, Sindi Shandro, Seimir Laqja
Advanced Trauma Life Support training. How useful it is?
ACTES 2020 - Abstracts Book